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Magic Maggie by saffronpanther
Magic Maggie
Sometimes, things don't go according to plan. Sometimes, you fail to devise a new, grand Halloween picture idea like those you conceived the previous two years. Sometimes, you do come up with an idea, but far too late to meet the October 31st deadline. Sometimes, things fail. Despite this, sometimes you end up making something just in time for Halloween that manages to be sweet, even if it's not on the same scale as previous works. And sometimes, it might just come in the form of recreating Maggie Simpson's adorable witch self from "Treehouse of Horror XVI". So perhaps, it all works out in the end.

Have a Happy Halloween, everyone.

Maggie Simpson © Matt Groening and FOX
DiSneyCP 3 by saffronpanther
DiSneyCP 3
Just in time for Halloween, I present to you my third round of SCP Foundation Vinylmation designs. And holy crap, I actually managed to make one of SCP-682 this time!

- SCP-1471-1 (a canid entity that appears in the mobile photos of those who download 1471, a mysterious app)
- SCP-1048 (a teddy bear that is constantly making other bears like itself out of anything...including human body parts)
- SCP-1959 (a Cosmonaut trapped in Earth's orbit that, according to one tale, is battling an eldritch monster within)

- SCP-846 (a toy robot with wonderful implements like a flamethrower, an acid shooter, and an "atomic grenade")
- SCP-939 (predatory beasts that mimic every sound around them, especially human voices, to lure prey)
- SCP-682 (the Hard-to-Destroy Reptile itself, not looking too happy about its situation, or your presence)

Vinylmation concept © Disney
SCPs © SCP Foundation Wiki
For the last week, I have been attempting to fix the problem that arose when I attempted to log into Skype. Said problem was that I was repeatedly denied the opportunity to log in because of a blank screen that appeared instead reading, "This page contains errors". I tried multiple methods recommended to me by various sources. Refreshing the page did nothing. Reinstalling Skype did nothing. Installing the latest addition (which I already had, basically meaning it was another version of reinstalling Skype) did nothing. And finally, when I attempted to install Internet Explorer after being informed that Skype refuses to function without it, I was denied because my computer "already had the recent version of Internet Explorer installed". The problem with this? I completely removed Internet Explorer from my computer after I started using Firefox as my browser two years ago.

I'm done. I've wasted a week trying to figure out how to make it work, so I'm not going to waste anymore time on it. So, fine, Skype wants to be a pissant. It can go be a pissant somewhere else.
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Beware of Foxy by saffronpanther
Beware of Foxy
I'm so confused. Do I check Pirate Cove, or don't I? He doesn't like to be watched, but if I don't, he comes running. But he hates it...what do I do? What do I do? What do I

Foxy © Scott Cawthon
Li'l Droog by saffronpanther
Li'l Droog
After seeing Maggie with Alex DeLarge's eyelash and bowler in "A Clockwork Yellow", I just had to MS Paint her in proper, horrorshow fashion.

Maggie Simpson © Matt Groening and FOX
Alex DeLarge © Anthony Burgess and Stanley Kubrick

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